Hoping to overcome our current health situation soon, considering that health always deserves the greatest care possible, we find appropriate to apply the same procedures adopted last summer also for this summer season, having proved to be suitable for preventing and combating the risk of contagion.

 Therefore, thanks to the experience gained, we are committed to ensuring you larger spaces, constant sanitation and different ways of providing services, to guarantee you compliance with social distancing and safety measures within the campsite, ensuring you a SAFE HOLIDAY.

 Please be informed that:


Wider pitches for a more livable environment, with a minimum surface of 60 square meters.

 The offer exclusively applies to the YELLOW, BLUE and RED pitches, inherently more suitable to ensure better distancing between camping crews.

 Besides, also for the upcoming season, each pitch will be assigned with an umbrella on the beach included in price (sunbed and deckchair on request), which will be positioned by Management in compliance with the rules, in order to use the beach in total safety.

 (See BEACH)


Considering the actual situation and the need to further improve cleanliness and sanitation:

  • before opening, usual inspections of the hydro-sanitary systems will be performed, with particular attention to procedures for preventing and combating legionellosis;
  • daily cleaning will be carried out frequently and with greater diligence;
  • sanitation of spaces with atomized hydrogen peroxide (a disinfecting chemical compound explicitly recommended by the Ministry of Health for the prevention of Coronavirus in healthcare environments);
  • automatic hand sanitizer dispensers (70% alcohol) will be installed at the entrance;
  • signage reminding behavioral rules will be installed, as well as work rotas containing cleaning shifts and details about the products;
  • guests in common areas must always wear PPE when not engaged in personal hygiene operations. In any case, the use of these facilities must take place in compliance with social distancing and safety measures, avoiding gatherings;
  • access to sanitary facilities will be allowed only when sinks, showers or toilets are available, so that the number of the latter is equal to the number of users, to avoid prolonged stops in the common areas;
  • sinks will be used alternately in order to guarantee the distance of 1meter between users;
  • natural air turnover of the facility will be ensured, to reduce/cancel the concentration of specific pollutants (PM10, CO2, odors, biological aerosol, etc.).


Upon re-opening, as well as every end of stay/guest change, we’ll carry out the ordinary cleaning, then the disinfection and finally the sanitation of rooms and equipment, in particular (for example):

  • complete and natural air turnover to reduce/cancel the concentration of specific pollutants (PM10, CO2, odors, biological aerosol, etc.);
  • cleaning with water and neutral detergents prior to disinfection with an ethyl alcohol solution (70%) or with sodium hypochlorite disinfectants, of all walkable and frequently touched surfaces (doors, handles, windows, tables, chairs, toilets, etc.);
  • cleaning of the air conditioning system (where present), according to manufacturer instructions;
  • sanitation of the housing unit and furnishings by atomization of hydrogen peroxide.


“A pitch along with an umbrella”, that just about sums up our commitment, so that social distancing can always be observed on our beach.

In fact, we decided to assign each pitch with a beach umbrella included in the price of your stay. (Please note: sunbed and deckchair not included), with a daily sanitation of all the provided equipment.


We’ll ensure an even greater attention to cleanliness, disinfection and sanitation of all work surfaces.

We’ll also provide automatic hand sanitizer dispensers (70% alcohol) and signage reminding behavioral rules.

Thanks to our wide open-air spaces we’ll guarantee the respect of social distancing rules; in this respect, take-away or delivery services will be encouraged.


Provided that our young guests must always be accompanied by an adult in the playground area, entrances will be restricted to guarantee social distancing on the basis of the sqm/person ratio, established by current regulations.

Also in this case, to protect the health of our guests, we guarantee daily sanitation of all equipment with nebulized hydrogen peroxide, besides, an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser (70% alcohol) will be installed at the entraces, along with signage reminding behavioral rules .


Who says this year we can’t have fun?

In this regard, we are developing a specific program in collaboration with the animation team, taking into account social distancing rules, but allowing at the same time recreational activities for all ages.

So get ready for muscular awakening, aperitif game, crafts, beach tennis, archery, bowls, karaoke, quiz games, camping radio, evening shows and much more.




The above indications represent only a part of our “Action Plan”and may undergo updates or changes based on the evolution of the epidemiological situation, taking into account future ministerial orders and indications provided by scientific commissions.

However, we’d like to stress that every measure, no matter how small, can help achieve the desired outcome only if each of us does their part.

So, now more than ever, we need your precious collaboration to protect the health of all of Us.





Hydrogen peroxide is the only biocidal agent composed of water and oxygen. Its oxidizing power makes it an excellent ally of environmental sanitation. The use of this product is:

  • Effective: it guarantees 99.99% decontamination and disinfection; thanks to its small size it can reach and spread over the entire surface of the treated area.
  • Natural: it does not contain chemicals that are present in other products such as bleach and ammonia.
  • Eco-friendly: once its action is complete, hydrogen peroxide micro-particles turn into oxygen. Consequently, it doesn’t produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and it doesn’t pollute.
  • Safe: it doesn’t cause humidity or corrode, so surfaces won’t be ruined. Furthermore, if used properly, it is a non-toxic and non-cancerous substance ideal for professional cleaners or everyone else.